Unsuccess Podcast

Unsuccess with Josh and David is a weekly podcast where two pastors (and many special guests) rethink success and talk about ministry in Portland, OR.

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Ep. 34 – Thirty-Seven Years of Wisdom with Kelly Cohoe

Pastor Kelly Cohoe joins Josh and David as they talk about staying power and what it takes to stay the course over a long period of time.

Ep. 32 – Churches and Coffee Houses with John Howell

John Howell, Medford pastor and owner/operator at Rise Coffee House, joins Josh and David as they talk about some of the frustrations and struggles of pastoring a small church and trying to be innovative and think outside the box. As it turns out, starting a coffee house/church, while offering huge potential and awesome connections, is ...

Ep. 31 – Teaching in a Small Christian School with Patrick Tomassi

Patrick Tomassi joins us this week on the podcast. Josh and David talk with Patrick and his work as a teacher, and some of the ups and downs he lives as a person of faith in and out of the classroom.

Ep. 30 – The American Dream with Joel Kibler

Joel Kibler, Spiritual Director for many and leader in the People of Praise,  joins us this week on the podcast. He talks with us about the American Dream and some ways in which it can often be in conflict with a life of faith and get in the way of what it means to really ...

Ep. 29 – Misunderstandings About Homelessness with Gus Kroll

Gus Kroll of HomePDX joins us this week on the podcast. We talk about his work with homeless people in Portland, and about some of the misunderstandings that people have about those who are homeless.

Ep. 28 – A Very Unsuccessful Christmas Episode with Joel Hawk

Josh’s brother Joel joins the podcast and the three talk about Christmas fails, fun holiday stories, and the importance of family and relationships through it all.

Ep.27 – The Most Depressing Episode with David and Josh

David and Josh talk about ministering to people while dealing with mental health problems. We also discuss how the church and society can and should remove the stigma surrounding mental health.  

Ep. 26 – The “Not-Good-Enoughs” with Christy Dirren

Christy Dirren joins us this week on the podcast. She talks with us about her call to minister to the outsiders and the not-good-enoughs. She also shares some of the challenges and joys of church planting.  

Ep. 25 – The Idolatry of “Success” with A.J. Swoboda

This week we talk with pastor, professor, and author A.J. Swoboda. A.J. talks about his recent realization that speaking opportunities can become idolatrous, and we discuss how Sabbath is the one commandment that Christian leaders seem to be encouraged to break. Find out more about A.J.s work at www.ajswoboda.com  

Ep. 24 – Seasons of Life with David Rannabarger

David Rannabarger, assistant pastor at Columbia View Wesleyan Church, joins us on the podcast. We talk about David’s call to ministry, and the journey that led him to ministry in Portland. Finally, we discuss how to weather seasons in ministry that, while temporary, can feel devastating.  

Ep. 23 – Vocation, Music, and Entrepreneurial Ministry with Robin Gordon

Robin Gordon, Pastor of Music Ministry at Celebration Tabernacle, joins us on the podcast. Robin talks about finding God and joining Celebration Tabernacle at a young age, and how he’s seen the community change over the last couple of decades. The guys also discuss some of the benefits and challenges of remaining plugged into one ...

Ep. 22 – Refugees, Evangelism, and Suburbia with D.L. Mayfield

This week we speak with Danielle Mayfield, author of Assimilate or Go Home: Notes from a Failed Missionary on Rediscovering Faith. Danielle has worked for years with Somali Bantu refugees in Portland. We talk about her story, some of the difficulties of mission work, and how one hears from God while face-to-face with the evils ...

Ep. 21 – Slow Cooker Ministry with Josh Duncan

This week we talk with Josh Duncan, Staff Elder at Red Sea Church in Portland, OR. Josh shares the story of moving from L.A. (Lower Alabama) to serve God in Portland, Oregon, and how his views on ministry have changed over the past eleven years. You can find out more about Josh’s ministry at www.redseachurch.org  

Ep. 20 – Struggles and Hardships with Stephen Dilworth

Stephen Dilworth joins us on the podcast to talk about his work with youth over the years. Stephen is the north Portland area director for Youth Dynamics. We talk about struggles and hardships in ministry, and how these frustrations can lead to growth. Check out Stephen’s ministry at www.ydpdx.org  

Ep. 19 – The Affordable Housing Crisis

In this special episode, Josh and David discuss the difficult situation of affordable housing in Portland. We also talk with Andy Goebel and Jules Nielsen about their church’s new affordable housing project: Portsmouth Commons. Finally, we talk with Lindsay Jensen about some of the housing initiatives in which St. Johns Center for Opportunity has been ...

Ep. 18 – Our Community’s Ever Changing Demographic with Lindsay Jensen

Lindsay Jensen, Executive Director for St Johns Center for Opportunity, joins the podcast and shares a bit of her heart for the underserved. Her, David, and Josh talk about the ever changing demographic of our community and the various needs that arise as a result. You can learn more about St Johns Center for Opportunity by ...

Ep. 17 – “Redefine Success?” with David Brewer

This week we talk with David Brewer. David discusses how his work in the business world has translated to helping churches and non-profits become more effective in their work, and the guys discuss how this strategy led to the beginning of AllOne Community Services.  

Ep. 16 – Larissa Cohoe (soon to be Hawk)

  Larissa Cohoe (almost Hawk) joins us on the podcast to talk about what working with your family is like as well as her work as a musician, actor, and director, and how those skills have translated to church ministry. Larissa is one of the pastors of Grace Christian Fellowship in North Portland.  

Ep. 15 – Live from the Back Porch with Matthew Henricksen

Matthew Henricksen, Young Life leader and life-long youth minister, joins us on the podcast. Matt talks about how to cope with being fired from a ministry, and the guys discuss how our callings often conflict with our life plans.  

Ep. 14 – When Two Churches Become One with Andy Gobel and Jules Nielsen

This week we welcome Andy Goebel and Jules Nielsen. Andy and Jules both led separate congregations which, for completely different reasons, appeared to be headed toward closing. They discuss the story of joining together as one church, and some of the joys and hardships that accompanied that decision. Find out more about their church at https://portsmouthunionchurch.org  

Ep. 13 – Preaching to Benches with Bishop Stewart Minnieweather

Bishop Stewart Minnieweather joins us on the podcast to discuss his many decades of ministry in North Portland. We have a lengthy conversation about the hardships and joys of ministry, especially when we’re only given a few people to pastor.  

Ep. 12 – Living as a Minority with Rachel Ancheta

Rachel Ancheta joins us on the podcast this week to discuss her life and faith walk. She shares some of her poetry with us, and we have a fascinating conversation about what it is like to live as a minority, both in the church and in America.  

Ep.11 – Two Halves of Life with Tim Hawk

Tim Hawk, Josh’s uncle, joins us on the podcast to talk about his many years in ministry. Tim was a church pastor for sixteen years, and then worked as a prison chaplain. We discuss the joys and hardships of both kinds of ministry, and wrestle with how to shepherd people while going through theological changes. You ...

Ep. 10 – Spirituality of Children with Luke Kamely

This week we welcome Luke Kamely, a recent graduate of Portland Seminary and the former children’s ministry intern at St. Johns Wesleyan Church. Luke shares his thoughts about children’s education and the parallels between feminism and how we view/treat children. We also spend a significant portion of the episode talking about children’s ministry in the ...

Ep. 9 – Mt. Climbing and Brokenness with Josh Hawk

On this episode Josh tells in detail his recent climb and fall on Mt Hood. He and David explore some of the deeper spiritual and life themes of what Josh has and is continuing to learn through this traumatic life altering experience.

Ep. 8 – God Works through Big and Small with Jay Braband

We are joined this week by Jay Braband, pastor of Journey3. Jay talks about his time with InterVarsity, church ministry in Iowa, and planting a church in Portland. Josh, David, and Jay discuss how God works through large and small groups of people. Find out more about Journey3 at http://journey3.org/

Ep. 7 – All About Me with David Libby

On this episode, David talks about himself for the entire episode, in an astonishing act of hubris. Josh and David also discuss the ways in which God often teaches us through our failures.

Ep. 6 – Relational Mentoring with Carlos Baca

This week we are joined by Carlos Baca. Although transitioning out of his current role, Carlos is presently the Executive Director of FamilyWorks! Ministries. On this episode he talks with us specifically about how he has been led to mentor young people, and the victories and hardships that have come from his work. You can find ...

Ep. 5 – Faithfulness and Obedience with Phil Hawk

This week we welcome Phil Hawk, assistant pastor at St. Johns Wesleyan Church and Josh’s dad. Phil talks about 35 years of ministry in North Portland, how ministry (and life) has changed in that time, and what he sees as the future of ministry in this region.

Ep. 4 – Reclaiming Failure

This week Josh and David do a deep dive into “The Life of the Beloved” by Henri Nouwen and talk more about what failure and brokenness mean. They also spend some time talking about the significance of being chosen by God and how living with this truth should radically change our outlook on life. 

Ep. 3 – Just God’s Children with Linda Jo Devlaeminck

“There are people who will think better of us than we are. There are people who will think worse of us than we are. And it doesn’t matter because that is not who we are. Who we are is children of God doing the best we can.” – Linda Jo This week we are joined by ...

Ep. 2 – The Unexpected

This week, Josh shares some of his story and call to ministry and the hosts discuss what the story of Elijah, in 1 Kings 18-19, has to say about unsuccess.

Ep.1 – Podcast Intro

In this inaugural episode, Josh and David talk about why they think the pursuit of success is not exactly how Christians are called to live.